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Friday, 9 September 2011

Harrods Is Finished

Well here are the pictures of Harrods at last and I've had a lot of trouble trying to take them. The weather is turning here and I've had to dodge showers to try and take photos over the last few days.

As I've said I got the idea to create Harrods from the colour scheme I used on Claridges which turned out so nice I just had to expand the building. Adding a food hall and a ladies and gentleman's department to the original restaurant I've created this larger building. I've built a central spiral staircase to give a grand feeling to the store in keeping with the stunning original building. To this I've added a large skylight in the dinning room so the staircase can be viewed from above as well as being an attractive feature in the room. I also decided not to fix the large Harrods sign to the roof that way it can turn around to face the viewer.

Please visit the Harrods Page to see more pictures.


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